About company

Friend Cool for Cooling Acts Company specializing in the manufacture of refrigerators supply and refrigerating rooms and units shelves and supplying all hypermarkets requirements , panorama of refrigerators , refrigerators save meat , perpendicular refrigerators cooling and freezing.

Also, our company has the elements success of

  • A plant with the latest technology by engineers and technicians at the highest degrees of efficiency.
  • Elite group of professional engineers to work previews and the necessary engineering designs for free.
  • Service and maintenance centers at the highest level.
  • Parts stores to meet all needs.

Our Vision
Provide Egyptian Product for local and global markets and achieve leadership in the field of refrigeration industries and equipment supermarkets and to provide the best solution to offer our customers products.

Our Mission
Providing product distinctive and developed, Favorable price, able to compete in local and global markets.

Why friend Cool?

  • Experience of more than 15 years
  • Art high-tech products
  • Believe in handling real guarantee of the product
  • Technical consulting and engineering designs for free
  • Competitive price and high quality
  • Maintenance centers Certified
  • Previous works of leading Egyptian companies

How we work

Holding Hands

We help you to start your project (supermarket / shops).

After sales service is an integral part of our sales strategy.

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