A Technical Consulting

We help you to start your project (supermarket / shops) and provide suitable proposals depending on the nature of your project to select the best to you in terms of engineering design the cost for the display refrigerators the refrigerating rooms and units shelves.

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Preview and Raise Sizes

The company once you are connected, determining date to visit your site by our engineers specialists to portray and the lifting of all sizes site and processing your engineering design.

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Geometric Designs

The engineering office doing engineering design and full visualization of the design of the supermarket or the assignee of trade according to the sizes that have been previously filed by our engineers, which describes the interior design with precision and ease the way and the best way display.

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A Comprehensive Guarantee with After-Sales Service

After sales service is an integral part of our Friend Cool sales strategy. Our role unending once the sale of the commodity and the installation and capture the price. But we are always with our customers after the receipt of the product, the Training in their use and maintenance because it is the key to maintaining our customers.

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The company will maintain all products offered in terms of original spare parts and duration appropriate warranty on parts replaced from the date of the approved maintenance free through a huge fleet of qualified technicians and engineers in maintenance, which ensures the stability of refrigeration equipment and predictive maintenance planning.

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We help you to start your project (supermarket / shops).

After sales service is an integral part of our sales strategy.

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